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Hello, I read your article "Fordson Exposed" I found it to be very true,
since I attend Fordson High School. As I was reading the article I felt
like your theme was to aim at the terrible actions of the students that attend
fordson making it seem as if the dearborn board of education is responible
for these horrible actions of the students. The schools don't really teach us anything that is aganist Islam, because
in the first place not many students know about their religon. What it
really comes down to is the parents, if the parents can't raise their childern
than why should the schools care. I noticed in the article u barely discussed
the parent's role. The parents play a major role in the youth's lives.
Also not everyone in Fordson drives a Lexus or BMW, or wears a pound of make
up, personally I don't.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.