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Opening Comments:

There has to be a Better Way--And there is!
"O you who believe, answer the call of Allah and His Messenger
when they call you to that which gives you life." 

Dear Reader,

In the Detroit area, at least, Islam is here to stay.
All praise is for Allah; but credit, dear Reader, should go to you, and many others in the area like you. In spite of the trials and tragedies Believers suffer nowadays, you know that being a Muslim in North America is a special calling. You have chosen to remain a Muslim, not to please Mama and Baba--or annoy them, either--but for the only good reason there is: Islam is The Truth.
Your Deen helps you look beyond the newspapers' rose-colored description of life in America; and you see, all too well, the discontent and misery that lie about you when you put down the page.  You don't buy it when pundits and political leaders tell you that the free-market capitalist system is the best we can hope for, and that life is as good as it gets. You might have said to yourself, "I know that Allah wants more than this for us; and I know that with Islam, we
can do better than this." Now you are ready to work like never before for Islam, and win the struggle not only for your children's future, but for non-Muslims as well.
Your resolve, combined with that of thousands of your peers, is a powerful force. In fact, you have it in you to become a hero of Islamic history right here in Detroit.
Unfortunately, others wait  to pull you down another path. Already, they are reaching out, imploring you to make them your guides. They say you can help

The brothers putting out these pages want you to know that just isn't true. Voting and working through the system won't fix the lives of Muslims or anyone else. In fact, the political system in America has failed; and it has become the problem. We Muslims should not try to fix it, nor should we flee to the desert. There is another way we can save ourselves and our children, and help non-Muslims besides. It is neither "Islamic Socialism," nor "Islamic Capitalism"; it is 100% pure Islam, nothing less than the non-violent restoration of the Khilafah, the Islamic superpower!
Every month, in sha' Allah, it will be the mission  of this newsletter to help you  explore this possibility. To the best of its ability, it will challenge conventional wisdom among Muslims and wake up the ones who still sleep. At the same time, it will endeavor to increase your knowledge about Islam's political agenda (Yes, it has one), and prepare you for participation in the culture of the Islamic State.
Fortified with this knowledge, you might make Islamic history yet. The staff of this newsletter hopes to stand proudly by you in helping Khilafah come back. 

the Ummah best by registering to vote and supporting nice candidates. It seems like a good idea at first. A closer look, however, makes you less certain. The office-seekers pointed out to you turn out to be either kuffar or children of Muslims named "Mike" or "Sam." When they are examined closer, you find they support  many un-Islamic things, even while calling themselves your friends.
When you return to your would-be advisors, corner them, and ask how voting for these guys will help Muslims and their families, they start becoming vague. It shocks you to learn they have  no clear Islamic political agenda spelled out. Registering, voting, and working for candidates are ends in themselves--who can ask for anything more?
Pressed further, they readily admit that participating in the US political process is the lesser of two
"We have to vote," they say, "We have to pick through candidates and let our voice be heard. We cannot isolate ourselves. If we do,
they will push us to the margins of society. There is no other choice."

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