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follow-up research, revealed one thing more: American Fiqh is more about the gaining and keeping of power, than it is about fiqh. Central to its program is the establishment of a permanent Shari'ah court system in the USA, disguised as a network of informal arbitration boards  recognized by overworked and grateful civil courts. There, professional scholars could settle personal law matters, including divorces, based upon a book of official American Fiqh ahkam (rules) produced by an Official American Fiqh Board. Best of all, the kafir system's

judges and police would enforce the rulings. Some of the ulema dreaming these dreams do not conceal their desire to acquire control over the rest of the Ummah. Dr. Ahmad Sakr, who wasn't at this conference, once proposed a kind of excommunication for the Believer who fails to adopt the American Fiqh system-- "Let him be buried with the Christians."
The trends are becoming clear. The chief players in the American Fiqh game are beginning to approach the movers and shakers among Muslims in North

America. They come with what they think will be a tasty deal: We, the distinguished Islamic scholars of this land, can unlock the treasure house of the dunya for you. You may buy your mansions at X per cent per annum with an easy conscience. You may also devour some riba and play the stock market. In return, recognize us as your official ulema and make us judges in your disputes, advisors in all your affairs, and your spokesmen before American government on all levels!
  What they say to the pharaohs in the

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