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Peace be upon you.

We welcome you to this web directory, immaterial of your creed and
hope that it would be of some benefit to you. 

We congratulate all brothers and sisters who had set up Islamic
information sites and hope that more individuals will set up
information sites on Islam, such that our Children can overcome
the general misconceptions that have been planted at grass root levels
by the opposition, which is in total control of the Media
and much more. 

Muslims should be humble in their ibad'aat to Allah swt
and when dealing with Momins, but we should be very careful
and conscious when analyzing information on Islam.
We hope this site which is only made possible by Muslims
all over the world, who have set up web sites,
will enlighten you, on the truth about Islam. 

"Truth Stands out Clear from Errors" (Qur'an 2:256) is the motto of the
Religious Research Centre that is engaged in compiling together these
sites as a directory. 

In addition, we wish to inform our visitors that we
appreciate your sincere comments and suggestions and hope that
some of your suggestions will benefit us as well as all
the Muslim brotherhood. 

Join the Group (s) and show that you care, your presence is vital for the unity of your faith.  

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