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 Women Web Sites 

Welcome to the women's section, as for sure, one of the greatest misconception in the western society is that Muslim women are ill treated in the Islamic societies as such feel free to email these Sisters ( personal sites) and ask them yourselves, they will be glad to respond to you.  

Comparative section:-   

Women - Misconceptions  
Women - Divine Requirements  
Women in Islam vs Women in the Judaeo-Christian  
Women in Islam, Christianity & Judaism  
Gender equity in Islam  
Gender Equity in Islam  
Status of women in Islam 
177  verses about women in the Qur'an  
Temporary Marriage & Its Illegitimacy in Islam  
New Christian group  promoting Polygamy 

Women's Dress, Skincare & Home products 

Dress Code  
Muslim women Dress  
Banati Design & Collections  
Caravan express  
Islamic Clothing  
River Garden Arts 
Khimar for Sale 
Sakkal design  
Jan Abbas Islamic Patterns Page 
Beautiful Islamic Calligraphy for Sale 

Women Pages:-  ( listed in random order and not ranked either) 

S.A.D.A Page at UH  
Burhan's page on Women  
Women in Islam page  
About Islam and Women  
Islamic Web page of Durban A. Wahid  
Amirah's home page  
About Al-Islam and Muslims  
Women's Association & Society for Islamic Learning & Awareness ( New Muslims group)  
Muslim Women's League  
International Organizations for Muslim Women  
International Muslimah Artist Network  
"Sisters" Magazine  
Veiled? One Muslim women, on her choice to veil    "Click on picture" 
Freedom for head Scarf.  
Words to my Muslim sister 
Beware-Islamic Studies  
Distorted Image of women 
Oppressed women?  
Etiquette's of Marriage  
Mutual Rights in Marriage  
Muslimah Converts home page  
American Muslima's Dawah Association  
World Council of Muslim Women Foundation  
Sister Association of dawah in Arlington  
Sisters Net  
Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights  
SalafiWomens home page  
Islam the Modern Religion  ( webmaster is Geocities Community Leader, contact her if you need assistance) 
Islamic Courtyard  
Iman -al-Muminah  
Maryam & Fatimah  
Humera's lil realm  
Zahara's page on Islam  
A Muminah's Home page  
Khadijah's Islamic page  
Muslim Women Support Association  
Noura Badawi's Home page  
Farzana Jilani's Homage  
Farzana Jilanis New Homage  
Ummawalids home page  
Aamina's Homage  
Ayah's Homage  
Nazia Peer  
Islamsoft Homage  
Tasneem Crooker  
Ummnurah's web page  
Thinkbig Homage  
Tracy's Tawhid page  
Canadian Council of Muslim Women  
A Portrait of a Muslimah  
Women / Islam links 
Zohre's Islam Page  
ISB Sisters  
Smart Partnership

Muslim Recipes:

Home Schooling ?  Visit Community Chest page ) 

We welcome all suggestions and comments, you can use the Message Board or Email to convey your information and requests. Islamic Directory Message Board  

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