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Although Islam can today be considered the largest (single) religious entity, it is the most mis-understood and suppressed religion in the world.  

Those who practice the Islamic way of life are known as Muslims and Muslims are mostly branded by the secular world as fundamentalist or terrorists who are out to destroy their world.  

In order to truly understand Islam, we need to see how it compares with other religions. By the Grace of Allah, many a Muslims have today setup web sites to convey the truth about Islam.  

Under mentioned are links to Comparitive Reports for all faiths , visit them and explore the world of Islam, the Religion of Truth.( each site contains numerous articles as such take your time)  

Insight to Religions US site  
Insight to Religions Asia Site  
The True Religion  
Proofs - for the Noble Qur'an   
Reflections on Christianity, Islam & Ismailism  
(Mirror ) http://www.worldtel.com/akbar/  
Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips Home page  
References to Embryology in the Qur'an  
Scientists view of Embryology  
Abu Abdallah's Homepage   
About Al-Islam and Muslims  
Muslim Scientists  
History of Islamic Medicine  
Islamic Medicine & Science  
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Hindu Scriptures  
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Parsi scriptures  
Finality of Prohethood  
Muhammad the most Influential person in History  
The Life of Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh)  
Women in Islam vs Women in the Judaeo-Christian  
Islamic Presentation Committee  
Islamic information  
Islam, Christianity and Science  
Arabic Paper  
Islam and Christianity - Shabbir Ally vs Joseph Smith  
Response to Joseph Smith's paper on   
Muslim Answers  
Islamic awareness Kuwait  
"99 UN-Truth Tracts"   
Al-Maktabah as-Salafiyyah  
Combat KIT - Against Bible thumpers  
Corruption of the Torah  
What Did Jesus Really Say ? - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of Barnabas  
The Muslim View of the Ascension of Jesus  
The God That Never Was  
What the Bible says about Muhammed (Peace be upon him)  
Resurecction or Resuscitation?  
What was the sign of Jonah?  
Let the Bible Speak  
Did Jesus and Isaiah PROPHESY the coming of MUHAMMAD?  
The Debate Material   
The Nation of Islam Exposed  
Islam versus Farakanism  
25 Frequently asked questions  
Answering Bahaullah  
Reflections on the Bahai Faith  
Bahai Awareness page  
Islamic Revolution of Iran?  
What every Christian and Jew should know  
Exposing the deceptions of Dr.Robert Morey  
Moongod? exposing the deceptions of Dr.Robert Morey  
Science & Islam  
The Melungeons  
Native American Muslims?  
Native American Muslim  
Confessions of a British Spy  
60 questions for Christians  
Useful articles  
Ahmed Deedat   
Astronomy & Islam  
Al-Quran' and science  
Responses to Misconceptions  
Universal validity of Religions  
Prof. Alan Godlas homepage  
Islamic Info  
Khalil's page for New-Muslims  
Qualities of a Thinker  
Islam: Finding the Truth  
A Muslims response to evolution debate  
Discover Islam  
Introduction to Islam  
The Call to Islam  
Books by Ahmad Deedat on Christianity & Judaism  
The discovery of Noah's Ark  
Basic Belief's of Christians & Muslims  
Lets Analyze  
Shariah vs US Constitution  
A window to Islamic Heritage  
Proofs of the Noble Qur'an  
Questions & Answers  
Salman Rushdie ?  
Satanic Verses ?  
This is the Truth  
Who wrote the Holy Qur'an?  
Who is our Savior ?  
Islam & Christianity in the Bible 
The Word Allah in the Arabic Bible 
Science proof  Islam's truth 
A Hindu's understanding of the Prophet 
Amazing True Stories  
Islamic Awareness

We welcome all suggestions and comments, you can use the Message Board or Email to convey your information and requests. Islamic Directory Message Board  

If you are heading in the wrong direction, Allah (God) allows U-turns, so long as one is sincere and is still alive.   

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