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News :- 

Afganistan News Resources  
Al-Akhbar Mailing lists  
Alquds daily ( Arabic)  
Al-ayyam daily ( arabic)
Al-Hussam News 
Ad-Dustour Newspaper  
Arabic News stand
Asharq Al-Awsat (Arabic) 
Bangladeshi Newspapers
BBC Arabic Service
Berita harian - Malay  
BIC News 
Free Arab Voice 
Iran News
Jasarat Urdu news  
Kuwaiti News paper (Arabic)  
Muslim World Monitor  
Muslim News  
Pakistan News Service  
Palestine times 
Periodica Islamica
Soutul Islam- The Voice of Islam  
Sumy Arab Newsletter  
The Arabic Newspapers Corner  
The Arabic Press  
The Star - Malaysia  
The Star  
Ummah Press Service  
Utusan Malaysia  
Yemen & Gulf Newsletter  

Suhuf Interface, over 309 Online News Agencies  


Voice of Islam  
Radio Islam  
Radio Al-Islam  
ANA Home Page  
Voice of America ( Arabic & persian)  
Radio Qur'an  
Radio 786  
Radio 21 - Kosovo  
Radio Tunis

Chat Sites:- 

Islam Chat Site  
WBS Community - Muslim  
Msa @ Suny Buffalo - Chat  
OmniChat! - Interactive Chat System - MuslimChat!  
Maghreb net Chat  
Muslim Chat.  
Muslim Chat  
Hadi Chat  
Islamic city chat  
IRC #melayu2 Chatters galore  
#Islam IRC Channel  
Adhie's Muslim Chat!  
Islam universe Chat  
Egyptian Chat site  
Ummah chat  
Yusof Islamic Chat  
Islamic Gateway Chat  
Al Adaab Chat 

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