Muslim Organizations 

List of Muslim Relief Organizations in Alphabetical Order  
Al Azhar Org  
Al Haramain Foundation  
Al Hidayah Research Centre
Al Muhajiroon  
American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (AMILA)  
American Muslim Assistance, AMA Homepage  
American Moslem Foundation  
Ansar Burney Welfare Trust Uk  
AnNur - Masjid Internet Anda  
Association of Islamic Charitable Projects  
Benovolence International Foundation  
Bism Rabbik Foundation Página Inicial en Español  
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)  
CIOM - Michigan  
Darul Arqam's main page (Singapore)  
Dawah Centre - Italy  
IIRO (International Islamic Relief Organization)  
Imamiah Home Page  
IMA South Africa  
IMPO - International Muslim Pharmaceuticals Organization  
Indian Muslim Relief Committee (IMRC) of ISNA  
Institute for Scientific Computation  
International Islamic Dawah Centre  
International Organizations for Muslim Women  
Iraq National Congress
Islamic Affairs department  
Islamic Assembly of North America [IANA on LINE]  
Islamic Association for Palestine  
Islamic Center of Southern California  HEAR THE LATEST FRIDAY SERMONS IN REAL AUDIO !!  
Islamic Centers on Line  
Islamic Circle of North America  
IslamiCity in Cyberspace  
Islamic Foundation of America  
Islamic Information Office. Subscriptions to IIOnet (Dawah List), MMMnet (Muslims in the Military), and MAHnet (Muslim Association of Hawaii) are offered at  
Islamic Party of Britain  
(Islamic Religious Council Of Singapore)  
Islamic Relief WorldWide  
Islamic Relief Homepage  
Islamic Training Foundation  
ISNET (The Islamic Network) WWW Server  
JAIS- Selangor  
JHEAINS- Sabah Malaysia  
Jamaat Islami  
Jama'at-e- Tabligh  
Jaamiah-Al-Uloom-Al-Islamiyyah (Institute Of Islamic Learning Ajax , Ontario , Canada)  
Jamiatul Ulama (KwaZulu-Natal)  
Jamiat Islamic Web Site Home Page  
LAW ( Palestine)
Malaysian Political Parties 
Masjids & Islamic Centres in Hong Kong  
Masjid (Indonesia)  
mcb UK  
Mendaki - Singapore  
Milf Philippines  
MSA National Home Page  
MUIS Homepage - The Gateway  
Muslim Arab Youth  
Muslims Against Family Violence (MAFV)  
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)  
Muslim Womens League  
Parti Islam- Malaysia  
Pusat Islam Kuala Lumpur  
Religious Research Centre  
South African Muslim Organisations  
Tanzeem-e-Islami Pakistan  
The Association of Islamic Charitable  
The Islamic Foundation Homepage  
The King Faisal Foundation  
The Noble Sanctuary  
The Wisdom Fund  
Ulama Association- Malaysia  
UK Islamic Education Wakf ( UKIEW)
World Islamic Propagation Establishment  
Young Muslim Association - Kenya  
Zaytuna Institute  
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