Matrimonial & Job Placement Sites 

Wanna get Married,  huh?   Do yourself a favor,  sharing your life with someone else involves a lot of commitments, find out by reading the under mentioned pages before you get committed. 
Marital Relations and Mutual Rights 
Etiquette's of Marriage 
Temporary Marriage? 
Muslims against Family violence 
Nikah Choice 
Muslim weddings 
The Social System in Islam
Marriage Related Articles

Matrimonial " online " Service Providers:- 

Almohager(the Immigrant),introduction and matrimonial services for the Muslims  
Al-Zafaf Matrimonials  
Comfort Zone
Egyptian Marriage site  
Imran Presents Muslim Matrimonial Ads
IIDC - Matrimonial Service
ISLAMIC MATRIMONIAL SERVICE- Matrimonial service for Sunni Muslims.  
Marriage for Muslims
Marrriage Links  
Matrimonial and Pen Pal Agency for Muslims  
Matrimonial Service  
Muslim Matrimonial database
Muslim Matrimonial Link  
Q-News Matrimonial Service  
Traditional Marriage web site

Job Placement agencies:-  

Muslim Career Centre  
Muslim World Yellow pages Career Centre  

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