Halal or Haram 

Muslim travellers to the Philippines should be warned that many products made in the Philippines contains Lard ( pig fats) and other forbidden elements, even the daily bread is mixed with lard and many Muslims eat them daily in ignorance and others knowingly too, as they seem to have little choice in that matter. 
Undermentioned a Partial list of haram ingredients. 

Bacon - A side of a pig meant (pork) after removal of the spare ribs and after being cured dry or pickled and smoked.  

Cholesterol - A type of fat always of animal origin, it should be suspected till the source is known, If extracted from Zabiha animal, it is halal, if not it becomes haram.  

Diglyceride - Emulsifier , if of animal origin it should be suspected till the animal source is known and if of plant origin, it is automatically halal  

Gelatin ( Jello Gelatine) - Usually of animal origin, mostly from hog (pig) if gelatin sources are from plants than it is halal.  

Glycerol ( Glycerine) , Glyceryl -Stearate - It could be of animal , plant or synthetic origin, if animal source is used it is haram.  

Hormones - Usually animal hormones are used for human beings. One has to find the source before passing judgement.  

Lard - Fat from the swine, particularly found in the abdominal cavity. This is totally haram for Muslims.  

Mono Glycerides - if of animal origin, one has to suspect its use.  

Pepsin - A digestive enzyme of the gastric juices usually extracted from hog's stomach. Usually not labelled.  

Rennin ( Rennet) - A protein enzyme used in the preparation of cheeses for curdling the milk. Usually not labeled .  

Shortening : Animal Shortening - Fats and oils of animal origin  

Lard Shortening - A purified internal fat from the abdomen of the hog.  

Vegetable shortening - Fats and oils of plant origin. As long as the word "pure" or 100% is not used with vegetable shortening, there is no guarantee that animal fats are added to the extent of 5-15%.  

Above list published by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, P.O.Box 25407, Chicago, IL 60625, USA.  

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