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Appendix 1 
Rules on Tajweed 
Introductions to Holy Qur'an 
Qur'an Browser
By  S. Huthayfi
By S. Al Suday
The Alim on line 
Kitab At-Tauhid 
Bukhari Hadiths 
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Sunan Abu Dawud 
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The Shariah 
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Islamic law 
Islamic Law & gender 
Shariah vs US Constitution 
Request a Fatwa 
Kumpulan Fatwa 
The Five Pillars of Islam:- 
Five Pillars 
Beginners guide to performing Islamic prayer 
Zakat calculation 
RAMADAN: Rules & Regulations 
Terminology of Hajj 
How to Perform Hajj - Umrah 
Top Islamic Information sites:- 
Ibrahim Shafi's Home Page Introduction for Non Muslims - Qur'an (Index, Search engine, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian and Transliteration - Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Malik, Hadith Qudsi etc... - Articles on Fundamental Islamic beliefs, Prayer, Life after death, Ramadan, Hajj, Eid, Women, Family, Marriage, Dawah, Muslim Character, Islamic History and Islamic Movements - Comparison with Christianity and Judaism - Literature in foreign languages (Spanish, French, Dutch) - Audio/Visual files - Software - Dictionaries - Newsgroups, News, and Magazines - Information on Muslim Countries - and more mirror 
The sealed Nectar 
University of Southern California MSA 
CyberMuslim Information Collective 
Islamic Center of Southern California 
University Of Michigan MSA 
University Of Michigan MSA 
UC Berkeley MSU 
About Islam and Muslims 
Islamic Center of Blacksburg 
MSA Houston 
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