Muslim Web Sites (3) 

Anyone who has a good Islamic home page, kindly email us for putting a (free) link in this location and We are not aware of the exact contents of these pages as such Muslim's have to learn to distinguish between shi'a, Oriental sufi and ahmadia sites by careful analysis of the creed and direction given in personal web pages.  

Read the Al - Qur'an, now available in  Fifteen languages, online.
visit the Islamic Creed Page.

In Asian Languages  

IndoIslam (Indonesian)  
Islam- Japanese  
Japan Islamic Network  
Japan Islamicnet  
Jawinet - Malay  
Luqman Hakim-Islamic Page ( Malay)  


In European Languages  
Islam en Espana  
Islam Spanish  
Federacion Espanola de Entidades Religiosas Islamicas  
WebIslam in Espana  
VerdeIslam in Espana  
Introduction to the Islamic Spanish Federation  
Islam Fratern'net (french/English)  
Islamische Bibliothek (Encyclopedia Islamica)  
Welcome to Ashaabul-Djannah ( Neitherlands)  
NMO Home Page ( Neitherlands)  
Abu Abdullah Page (Neitherlands)  
Islam ( Greek)  
Islamische Zeitung - Forum f|r Deutschland, Vsterreich und die  
ISLAM online (Germany)  
La Page de 1'Islam (French)  
AL FURQÁN - A primeira página Islâmica em Portugal  
CCIL Luxembourg  
Communaute Musulmane de Luxembourg  
Association Culturelle des Femmes Musulmanes de Suisse  
Muslime, Musliminnen der Schweiz  
Ligue des Musulmans de Suisse  
FORKOM Homepage  
Bosnia - Bosanske islamske stranice  
Comunidad Islámica en España  
Italian Islamic Institue  

In Americas & Pacific Zone  
Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico  
Hispanic Muslim Page  
Islam in Fiji  

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