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Islamic Directory Message Board (only for messages )  
Salaam noticeboard  
Magreb net bulletin board  
Islamic Forum in Portugal!  
Muslim Forum - Weekly Online/E-Mail Newsletter  
Islamic Intellectual Forum  
Forum Islamico  
Arabia.Com Forum  
Islamische Zeitung - Forum f|r Deutschland, Vsterreich und die  
News Forum  
Islam Mail  
Momin Net  
MENA.NET Arab on-line discussion groups  
Muslimsonline Mailing lists & Listservers
Information Technology listserver
Fareena's Listserver  



Magazines :-  

Al-Balah Webzine  
Al-Jama'a Arabic political magazine  
Al-Siratal Mustaqeem Magazine ( Arabic)  
Al-Taqniyah Wal Amal  
Anadolu Magazine ( In turkish & English)  
Islamic Magazines and Newsletters  
Islamic Voice India  
Minaret Magazine  
Nida'ul Islam / The Call of Islam Magazine Online  
The Islamic Herald online  
The Islamic Voice  
The MSA of UIC newsletter  
SOS News

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