Satanic Deceptions 

Muslim net users will have come across many anti Islamic sites, some of them, even look like, Islamic sites. In the past, the challenge was more outright and those who undertook the challenge found it impossible to destroy the Islamic Faith, so now, they have undertaken the only other way, that is to destroy it within by disseminating disinformation to the Muslim youth and pitting them with temptations of the western world. (Satanic Deception)  

Muslims all over the world are instigated to fight his own brethren's. Weapons are produced by those who call out  
for world peace and supplied to factions as well as others (both sides) , than it only takes a few sparks in the right places, such that they will have ease in killing each other.  

Our problem is that we are being instigated internally by well planted moles that keeps us occupied in strife against each other and we are unable to recognize the problem and turn to Allah with patience and humility to overcome the deception.  

Scholars are ending up challenging each other and forgetting their commitments to society and at most times society is letting them rot and not providing enough means for scholastic works to prosper.  

"The ink of a scholar is Holier than the blood of the Martyr" 

"Knowledge is our weapon" so, AWAKE, we have a duty towards our children and our children towards their children. Guide them well or it is you who will have to share their blame.  

Hopefully we can correct this situation by engaging in peaceful discussions with these people and also set up our own sites / centers to counter their distortions. (there are about 35 anti Islamic sites, that we are aware of on WWW alone in addition a number of publishing houses are solely engaged in printing anti Islamic Literature for distribution in Muslim societies.)  

You might be surprised at how some of the authors collect their information, for instance Dr. Robert Morey, who is ( according to him) the Executive Director of the Research and Education Foundation, an organization which investigates topics that affect western culture and values, claims he is a scholar and had written 20 popular books.  

He states in his book, "The Islamic Invasion" page 52, that he acquired some information from a Iranian Taxi Driver in the states, and he was able to convince the taxi driver about his theories and at page 18, he investigates Islam, at street corner observations, whilst on lunch breaks, so just imagine what kind of report these people will be conveying to society. Unfortunately, it is these kind of people that are walking the streets of the west and corrupting and instigating Muslim Youths, who have little knowledge of Islam.  

In addition to books, numerous cartoons and literature's are printed and spread around Islamic societies, trying to corrupt, as well as instigate them to undertake defensive acts that will portray the Muslims as a violent group of people. Their intent is simple , cause enough divisions within and just wait for the seeds to grow. Also read this topic Divisions, as to why we will always have some differences.  

Most of all we must remember that:- Surah 3: Ayat 7 reads  

HE its is WHO has sent down to thee the book : In it are verses basic or fundamental , Clear (in meaning) They are the foundation of the Book :others are not entirely clear . But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part thereof that is not entirely clear. Seeking discord and searching for its interpretation , But no one knows , its true meaning except ALLAH. ( ever Glorified be HE)  

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