Testimony of Converts 

Here we have compiled the links to some of the articles written by new converts to Islam. They have taken the trouble to express their personal emotions and struggles, that led them to accept the CREATOR, the ALMIGHTY ALLAH as their LORD and SUSTAINER (ever Glorified be HE).  

Abd-ul-Waahid 'Bruce' Paterson  
Ahmed J Reeves Homepage  
Dr. Bogdan Ataullah Kopanski  
Haiqa Khan  
Maryam Jameelah  
Muhammad Ali Clay  
Ali Murad Hofman  
Yusuf Islam  
Micheal Yip's Homepage  
Tavis Adibudeen  
Abd Al-Hayy Moore  
Thomas Fevens  
Issam Beydoun  
Salim Morgan  

Not all converts have the courage to write about themselves ( we ourselves will find this, difficult to do) as these are their own personal emotions and not meant for broadcasting. Anyway some other stories are also listed in the under mentioned sites.  

A Hindu's story  
Experience of a converted Hindu Women
Converts in Kuwait  
How we came to  
Stories of New Muslims  
Stories of New Muslims  
"The Times" Article  
Stories of new Muslims  
Stories of new Muslims  
Search for Truth  
Why We embraced Islam  
True accounts of converts  
Stories of Converts  
Amazing True Stories

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